Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Magazine

Hi all:

This is my first post to the VL Magazine in quite a while. In 2004 I ran out of time to do my Villa-Lobos work, always a free-time project from the beginning of this magazine in October 2001, and before that, the Villa-Lobos Website, which began in 1995.

Will I be able to resurrect either project? I'm not sure yet, but I want everyone to know the Villa-Lobos Website files (still a valuable resource, I think) have been moved to a new domain: I will be putting together proper referral pages from the old site - - real soon.

Meanwhile, my great IT Librarian Cory Stier has constructed an awesome new Drupal-based Open Source website for my library, so I'm hoping I can move the VL Magazine posts that are still relevant to the new site.

New posts? We'll see.

Cheers from Red Deer...