Friday, August 29, 2014

Petizada for Symphonic Band

Petizada is a piano suite written in 1912, based on traditional children's songs. It has six movements:
  • A mão direita tem uma roseira (The right hand holds a rosebush)
  • Assim ninava mamã (Mummy’s Lullaby)
  • A pobrezinha sertaneja (The Poor Girl from the Hinterlands)
  • Vestidinho branco (Little White Dress)
  • Saci
  • A História da caipirinha (The Story of the Little Peasant Girl)
Here is the suite in an adaptation for symphonic band by João Victor Bota, played by the Festival Orchestra of the Encerramento do VIII Curso de Férias, Coreto Paulista 2014.

Friday, August 1, 2014

An unpublished Villa-Lobos letter

From the Brazilian site "Glorias: Documentos Raros" comes this punning letter from Villa-Lobos to his friend and pupil "Didi", from 1956.

Is it possible?
Di, in place of Do.
Do, in place of Di.
H. Villa-Lobos

[from Google Translate:]

For those who are willing to follow difficult but glorious work like that you learn and practice at your house but again we can say, since this work is have the purest and most beautiful of all philosophies. But never be repeated too often, as I do now, citing this small piece of the Proverbs of Solomon: "Guard your heart more than all things, for it come the fruits of life."
08.01.46, Pará