Sunday, October 14, 2001

Stalking Stokowski

The February 2000 issue of Brazzil magazine includes this fascinating article by Daniella Thompson: "Stalking Stokowski".

It's great to know we have people like Daniella out there digging for this important information! Excellent work!

Daniella's mention of "Saludos Amigos" reminds me that the classic Disney feature - released in 1942 as part of the U.S. "Good Neighbor" Policy during WWII - is now available on VHS and DVD. Besides being completely entertaining in its own right, this is an important release because it includes "South of the Border with Disney". This documentary "featurette" shows an interesting picture of 40's Brazil through Hollywood's eyes. There's even a short clip of Villa-Lobos conducting one of his massive children's choral concerts at Rio's Vasco da Gama Stadium! This is highly recommended for both Villa-Lobos and Donald Duck fans!

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