Thursday, January 10, 2002

Ricardo Prado article translated

Back on October 27, 2001, I talked about an article by columnist Ricardo Prado, which discussed VL's Magdalena and its Broadway production in the late 1950's. The article was in Portuguese, but it was obvious (even to someone as unilingual as me) that there lots of interest here. Lee Boyd came to the rescue with a translation, and Ricardo Prado very kindly gave his permission for me to put the English version up on the web. So here it is - a fascinating story of a period in VL's life that's not especially well documented in English.

Ricardo's message was very nice: "...congratulations for your excellent work on the Heitor Villa-Lobos website. As a musician and a Brazilian, I'm always happy for every opportunity to confirm that my admiration for the master is not merely nationalist sentiment. I am honored by your invitation and it is with great pleasure that I and authorize the publication of my article. Please let me know when it will be available for me to savor, once again, that most gratifying sensation I get from sharing my pleasure in Villa-Lobos' music. Please let me know of any news on your website and contact me should you need any further assistance from me."

I've loved working with Lee on this project, since besides providing the very readable translation, she is very much an expert on VL's life and music. I'm looking forward to providing more of Lee's work on the HVL Website - that will happen Real Soon Now.

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