Monday, May 12, 2003

Max Eschig Website

Most of Villa-Lobos's major works were published by Editions Max Eschig in Paris. Eschig finally has a website up [], and a very good one, with complete catalogues, lists of agents for sales and rental around the world, and some historical background.

Max Eschig is the most important person from the music publishing industry in the life of Villa-Lobos. It was Eschig more than anyone who helped make Villa's name in the wider world.

Max Eschig (1872-1927)


  1. I am looking for Villa - Lobos parts for his arrangements of J.S. BAch Preludes and Fugues for multiple violoncelli. Help!

  2. You should be able to rent the parts from Eschig:

    Find out here who represents Eschig in your country (choose the country from the drop-down menu):

    Send me an email at dfrey [at] if you have any problems. Good luck!