Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rio Cello Encounter 2008

The Fourteenth Rio International Cello Encounter begins on August 9, 2008. This year the festival, which David Chew began in 1995, will include 58 concerts and recitals, with cellists, ensembles and orchestras from around the world. One that jumps out for me is I Musici de Montreal, an awesome group with an award-winning Latin American CD. The preliminary information for the I Musici concert is here.

Until the festival's website is up and running, there's some useful information at the excellent Rio website Carioca Forever.

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  1. the festival was great, cubans ,japanese, chinese, Koreans,European, Russians and musicians from All over the world, playing the best of Brazilian Music, The modinha from Villa-Lobos , was the finest ever,
    This is the greatest festival ever