Friday, October 3, 2008

Marsalis Brasilianos Tour Begins

The first concert of the Marsalis Brasilianos tour was last night in Eugene OR. Here's a review from the Mainly Music Meanderings blog. It's interesting that Marsalis and the Brazilians (the Philarmonia Brasileira and their conductor Gil Jardim) didn't connect until the day of the concert. Looks like that only enhanced the music. Villa-Lobos's music comes from the informal, improvisational world of the choroes, and that seems to be the style aimed for in this concert tour. Thanks to Dan for this up-to-date information - great blog, by the way.

He points out that the published programme was changed - rather than the Suite for Strings (a very early work, from 1912), they've chosen one of Villa's great works: Bachianas Brasileiras #9. That will provide some gravitas for the second half of the show.


  1. PS- I got the revised program corrections from the Hult Center's Program Director; so my "set list" has been updated to reflect more accurate information.

    No info/titles on the encores... other than that they were also fantastic. :)


  2. Thanks for this information, Dan. Sounds like a great concert, and I'm sorry I won't get to experience this.

    Actually, Eugene is as close as they're getting to Red Deer (maybe tonight's Seattle concert is a bit closer).