Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Audições Brasileiras - blog-clipping

I had this comment posted yesterday:

Carlos Eduardo Amaral said...

Hi, Dean. I noticed today that my blog is in your list. Thank you for the kindness and I'm free for whatever you want to know here in Brazil (particularly in North-Eastern Region).

Best Regards.

Carlos's blog is Audições Brasileiras - blog-clipping. You can see the latest post from this exceptional resource in the right-hand column, under the heading "My Blog List". For someone like me with hardly any Portuguese language skills, it's great to have a single source for the latest news about classical music in Brazil.

Complimentary loops are are a staple of the blogging world, so I'll quote one of Carlos's posts about my own blog here:

"O blog do canadense Dean Frey é o mais antenado da blogosfera no que se refere a Villa-Lobos."

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