Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Villa-Lobos in Israel

Villa-Lobos was in Israel in June, 1952. This photo from the National Photo Collection of Israel is in the public domain - I found it at the Wikimedia Commons site.

"Composer Heitor Villa-Lobos bows to the public after his concert at the "Ohel Shem" Hall in Tel Avis," National Photo Collection [1] ,serial#-054817, photo code- D597-077, 1 June 1952(1952-06-01). The photo is by Fritz Cohen.

Villa-Lobos conducted the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in a concert which included Choros #6 and the 2nd Piano Concerto, and works by Corelli & Bach. See Lisa Peppercorn's article "Villa-Lobos in Israel", in Villa-Lobos: Collected studies by L.M. Peppercorn, p. 242-3.

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