Monday, August 17, 2009

A Ciranda do Villa

A 50-minute play for children entitled "A Ciranda do Villa" premieres in Sao Paulo this weekend.

The play, written by Evill Rebouças and directed by Gira de Oliveira, narrates the life of the composer, with a back-drop of Brazilian folk-song. During a dream, the young 'Tuhu' (Villa's nickname as a boy - it means 'Flame' in the Tupi language) travels to the five regions of Brazil, encountering figures from folklore (the prankster saci, the demon curupira and the werewolf lobisomem), each of whom has a song that turns up in Villa's later compositions.

This clever concept is brought to the stage by the Cia. Lúdicos de Teatro Popular. There are two performances, on Saturday the 22nd, and Sunday the 23rd, at the Teatro de Arena Eugênio Kusnet in Sao Paulo. Thanks to this story in the Guia da Folha Online for the head's-up on this.

The Saci, by the way, is featured in the last movement of the first String Quartet "Saltando Como Um Saci" - Jumping Like a Saci. You can imagine this Loki-like figure while you listen to the Bessler-Reis quartet play it online at Radio UOL.

[Pictured to the right, Saci Pererê - Mitologia brasileira, by artist André Koehne, from the Wikipedia Commons, under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License.]

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