Monday, February 15, 2010

Villa-Lobos en dix ouevres

The excellent Villa-Lobos section of the France Musique website includes a list of 10 characteristic works (or groups of works) that best represent the composer.  Here is the list, which also includes suggested recordings:
  1. Amazonas (for orchestra)
  2. Rudepoema (for piano)
  3. Prole do Bebe (both suites)
  4. Momoprecoce
  5. The Choros series (includes an interview with conductor John Neshling)
  6. Etudes for guitar
  7. Guitar concerto
  8. The Bachianas Brasileiras series
  9. O Descobrimento do Brasil
  10. The 12 Symphonies
This is an admirable list, but my own is a bit different:
  1. Uirapuru
  2. Rudepoema for piano
  3. Prole do Bebe suites
  4. The Choros: Villa-Lobos's greatest music
  5. Nonetto: a chamber work that stands with the best of the Choros series
  6. Guitar Preludes
  7. The String Quartet series
  8. Bachianas Brasileiras
  9. Missa Sao Sebastiao (though the late choral work Bendita Sabedoria could have taken its place)
  10. Forest of the Amazon
Let me know what you think of these lists; feel free to include your own list in the comments below.

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