Monday, July 19, 2010

A new book from France

A new book from French musicologist Rémi Jacobs has been published by Bleu Nuit, in their Horizons series.  It's a slim volume (174 pages), but according to this post at, it includes some interesting interviews: John Neschling discussing the Choros series; Sonia Rubinsky on Rudepoema; Christina Ortiz on the Piano Concertos; Debora Waldman on The Discovery of Brazil; and Wilhem Latchoumia on the Ciclo Brasileiro.

The book is available from

Rémi Jacobs: Heitor Villa-Lobos. Bleu nuit éditeur, collection Horizons. 174 pages.  ISBN: 978 2 35884 011 8

I'll send in my order, and post a review once I've deciphered the text with the help of my two brilliant French-immersion-educated children.

Here is some information on Rémi Jacobs from the Bleu Nuit website (thanks to Google Translate):

A graduate of the Paris Conservatoire, Remi Jacobs studied harmony, counterpoint, music history and musicology. He has spent his entire professional career in various record companies, particularly with EMI Classics.  He has published several books on music and musicians. A trip to Brazil has fueled his passion for this great country and revived his knowledge of Villa-Lobos.

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