Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Villa-Lobos at the 2011 Carnaval

A Bloco de carnaval is a street Carnival group. A brand-new group is Bloco Feitiço do Villa, which will be parading on the morning of March 5, 2011 (Villa's 124th Birthday), in front of the UFRJ Music School.

"Feitiço do Villa" means, I believe, "The Charm of Villa", though Google Translate for some reason gives "Groundhog Villa", which is charming in its own way.  The focus of the group is a common theme here at The Villa-Lobos Magazine: the importance of Villa-Lobos and classical music to popular music and the Samba.  Here are the words of the block's Samba:

Eu vou juntar
Chopinho com Chopin
Não importa o amanhã
Hoje eu só quero Bach

Vou misturar
Cartola com Ravel
Villa-Lobos com Noel
Pra ver que bicho dá

Eu vou provar
Que batuta batuca
Que fagote no pagode
Pode dar um bafafá

Se Noel Rosa
É um clássico nato
Villa-Lobos é de fato
Um artista popular

Hoje tudo é fantasia
Hoje tudo é ilusão
E na folia
Clara Nunes, quem diria,
Canta em duo com Bidu Sayão

Nosso bloco desfila
Com magia quase sobrenatural
Que legal
É o Feitiço do Villa
Encantando de alegria o carnaval

Which comes out thusly in Goonglish:
I'll join
Chopinho with Chopin
No matter what tomorrow
Today I just want to Bach

I will mix
Cartola with Ravel
Villa-Lobos with Noel
To see what kind of animal gives

I'll prove
That baton Batuca
What bassoon at the pagoda
Can you give a brouhaha

If Noel Rosa
It's a classic native
Villa-Lobos is in fact
A popular artist

Today everything is fantasy
Today everything is illusion
And in the revelry
Clara Nunes, who would say,
Sing a duet with Bidu Sayao

Our block parade
With almost supernatural magic
That's cool
It's Groundhog Villa [sic]
Enchanting joy of the carnival
The words and music are by the great Brazilian classical composer Edino Krieger, and his son Edu, an accomplished popular composer and performer.  I'm looking forward to following the adventures of this group as they venture forth onto one of the world's most dazzling stages: the Rio Carnaval.

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