Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jennie Tourel's Serestas on 78

My last post was about the Columbia Masterworks LP that included 6 Villa-Lobos songs, 5 from the Serestas cycle. Here is the original 78rpm album, an important part of my Villa-Lobos music library.

The five Serestas are Modinha (#5), Abril (#9), Na Paz do Outono (#6), Cancao do Carreiro (#8) and Desejo (#10). These are important compositions, written by Villa-Lobos in Paris in 1925-26.  The sixth song, Sino de Aldeia, is the sixth song from the Miniaturas cycle of 1916-17.

Here is the back cover. Unfortunately, there's no date on this album, but I believe this was recorded (and released on 78?) in 1945. The songs made it to LP in 1950.

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