Thursday, March 10, 2016

Throw-back Thursday

It's #TBT, Throw-back Thursday, so I'm exploring some of the dustier and more obscure corners of the Internet for interesting old Villa-Lobos items. The Biblioteca Virtual de Miguel de Cervantes is a cool site with some great links to other archives. Most importantly it contains some fascinating documents from the estate of the pianist Arthur Rubinstein. Here's a 1974 picture of Rubinstein with Villa's widow Mindinha:

and a 1976 New Year's greeting to the pianist from Mindinha and her recently established Museu Villa-Lobos:

This is from a June 1, 1973 Brazilian article about goings-on at the Museu Villa-Lobos. It talks about a new French (Grand Prix du Disque-winning) LP with Les Soloists de Paris and soprano Anna-Maria Bondi, and the Gold Medal that the Museu Villa-Lobos had just given to Arthur Rubinstein. There's also news about the Festival Villa-Lobos. The whole article is here.

By the way, that 1973 French LP has been released on CD. I know this CD, but had no idea it went back that far!

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