Friday, April 1, 2016

Brazilian Sonorities

Back in 2009 I posted here about the Poema de Itabira, which Villa-Lobos wrote for Marian Anderson in 1938. Anderson never recorded the piece, and by 2009 there was no recording available. I did link to a fine performance on YouTube by baritone Renato Mismetti and pianist Maximiliano de Brito. Here, seven years later, is the song on CD & MP3.

This really is a fine song, with what seems to be a powerful text by the great poet, Itabira-born Carlos Drummond de Andrade. And it's part of a fine concert with music by Osvaldo Lacerda, Almeira Prado, Marlos Nobre, Kilza Setti, Violetta Dinescu and Renata Birnstein.

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