Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Villa-Lobos is, I think, tops

Photo: Instituto Moreira Salles, which holds the Eric Verissimo archives
Villa-Lobos & Erico Verissimo in California, 1944. The Brazilian novelist Verissimo acted as translator for Villa-Lobos during this trip, which the composer made to present his music in Los Angeles, & to accept an honorary degree from Occidental College. Belying their apparent friendship here, the two clashed. This report details some of the issues involved:

Director Zelito Viana begins his 2000 biopic Villa-Lobos: Uma Vida da Paixão, with a very funny series of scenes between Verissimo & Villa-Lobos. Watch here, beginning around 2:30 (then watch this very fine film all the way through!)

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