Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Translating The Villa-Lobos Magazine

Now that I have Google Analytics turned on for the site, I'll be able to learn a lot about visitors to the Villa-Lobos Magazine. But it's clear already that Villa-Lobos is a global brand. Visitors to the Magazine last weekend come from 15 countries. In first place is Brazil, then the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, the U.K., and Italy. Other countries include the Netherlands, Nigeria, Spain, Belgium, Romania, Russia, Cyprus, and Japan.

I've long wanted my VL sites to be available in other languages - especially Portuguese. The state of real-time machine translation on the web has evolved over the years, and I'm pleased to be able to offer the Magazine in Portuguese, French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and German. Click on your favourite language in the Translate the Villa-Lobos Magazine section on the top-right section of the site.

I'm anxious to hear feedback about the translations, since my own other language skills are terrible. I can follow a hockey game on the radio in French, but that's mainly player's names and "...et le but!!!!" Let me know how this works. Go Habs!

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