Thursday, November 29, 2007

Villa-Lobos in the blogosphere

This is neat, but I'm not sure exactly what real significance it has, if any. The Trend Tool on the search engine site shows you how many blog posts it finds for up to three search terms. In the last three months, there were 5,774 blog posts with the search term "Jobim" (an average of 64 per day - sorry, I mean 64.16 per day). For "Villa-Lobos", 1,542 searches, an average of 17 per day. For "Milhaud", 456, or 5 per day.

It's hard to see any trends over this period. I'll check out the numbers in early 2008, and see if they're changing.

By the way, was November 25 "Blog About Darius Milhaud Day"?

Here's another look at Villa-Lobos in the blogosphere, from BlogScope. This is a graph of VL posts in the past six months.

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