Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another Nonetto post

It's amazing what comes up on the web when you keep digging. I had seen a reference to the CD "Villa-Lobos em Paris", conducted by Gil Jardim, but the track list missed out the most important piece, the Nonetto. Here's the disc on the Brazilian music retailer Causa Sonora.

Jardim, it turns out, wrote the book O Estilo Antropofágico de Heitor Villa-Lobos, which I talked about in the previous post. He conducts an impressive group of musicians:

Toninho Carrasqueira, flauta - Dilson Florêncio, sax - Luba Klevsotova, harpa - Maria Elisa Risarto, celesta - Mara Campos, Reg. Preparadora do Coro Feminino - Gil Jardim, Regente.

A Prole do Bebê nº1
Nahim Marum, piano

Epigramas Irônicos e Sentimentais
Claudia Ricchitelli, soprano - Nahim Marum, piano

Pensées D'Enfant
Claudia Ricchitelli, soprano - Toninho Carrasqueira, flauta - Sérgui Burgani, clarinete - Watson Clis, violoncelo

Toninho Carrasqueira, flauta - Luis Carlos Justi, oboé - Sérgio Burgani, clarinete - Aloysio Fagerlande, fagote - Dilson Florêncio, sax - Silas Lima, harpa - Maria Elisa Risarto, celesta - Paulo Braga, piano - Elizabeth Del Grande, Ricardo Bologna e Eduardo Gianesella, percussão - Mara Campos, Regente Preparadora do Coro Misto - Gil Jardim, Regente.

The group of musicians includes the members of the Quinteto Villa-Lobos.

So, another disc with the Nonetto shows up, just when I'm complaining the loudest about not having one at hand.

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