Sunday, February 1, 2009

Anna Stella Schic

Sad news from France
: the pianist and scholar Anna Stella Schic has died in Paris at the age of 83. Schic, who was a close friend of Villa-Lobos and Mindinha during their stay in Paris in the 1950s, leaves two important Villa-Lobos projects. The first is her book Villa-Lobos: Souvenirs d'un Indien blanc, and the second is her landmark recording of the complete piano music of Villa-Lobos.


  1. She lived in France since 1971.

    Born in Campinas, Anna Stella Schic gave her first recital at age of six. He studied in Brazil with José Kliass, a pupil of Martin Kraus, one of the most famous disciples of Liszt, and then worked with the French pianist Marguerite Long in Paris.

    She was married to the French composer Michel Philippot, who died in 1996. She stopped playing piano when her husband died.

    Abstracted from AFP news

  2. See this new story in Concerto. This very positive tribute to Schic notes that she was born in 1922, and not 1925, so she was 86 when she died.

  3. Anna Stella Schic died when she was 83 years old, she was born in 1925. We lost one of the most brilliant pianists of the century and the greates interpreter of Villa-Lobos, also the last brazilian pianist of the golden time. Nowadays we have less then 5 pianists from old time, like Lívia Rév. I´am very sad. What was the cause of her death?