Thursday, April 23, 2009

Orquestra de São Paulo 2009 US Tour

In October the Orquestra de São Paulo begins its 2009 Tour of the U.S. The CAMI website has some preliminary information. I'm anxious to see the programme for the tour. The Tour Press Release mentions that conductor Kazem Abdullah (whose career got a big boost when he took over for James Levine at a Metropolitan Opera performance of Gluck’s Orfeo last January) will include music by Villa-Lobos and Camargo Guarnieri. Another highlight will be a brand new percussion concerto written for Evelyn Glennie by Marlos Nobre.

Naturally, this announcement caused a bit of a stir in Brazil, where the controversy over the firing of John Neschling still simmers. See this story at the Concerto website.


  1. It was indeed a shame that Neschling was fired, under political reasons I believe. Neschling is a major brazilian figure in our musical scene, a gem that São Paulo state should take care to maintain him in the orchestra and Sala São Paulo, but that never happened. And Neschling, famous as he is, a relative of great composers, and with a solid career, couldn't care less about being fired, except the sadness of destroying his achievement of making OSESP one of the greatest orchestras in Latin America, if not the greatest

  2. Bruno, I think I understand where you are coming from...BUt, Neschling was also not a good figure with the musicians..Do some research online and you will see what I am talking about...