Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Villa-Lobos Worldwide 2009

Brazilian pianist Marcelo Bratke will be a busy guy in 2009. He's announced a major project to take place during the Ano Villa-Lobos (celebrating the 50th anniversary of Villa's death), "Villa-Lobos Worldwide 2009". The project will include concerts in London, Frankfurt, Berlin, Brussels and Belgrade (modeled after the very successful "Villa-Lobos Event" in New York). As well, Bratke will launch his 2008 DVD Alma Brasileira, start a workshop series "Villa-Lobos para as Crianças do Mundo" (VL for the Children of the World), and film a TV documentary on the life of Villa-Lobos.

If that weren't enough, Bratke will be starting to record an 8-CD series of the complete piano music of Villa-Lobos.

The Villa-Lobos boom continues!

[Marcelo Bratke photo by Romulo Fialdini]

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