Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Villa-Lobos Artistic Excursion (Excursão Artistica Villa-Lobos), by Antônio Chechim Filho

The Excursão Artistica Villa-Lobos, which began in 1931, was one of the most important events in Villa's life. Along with a group of musician friends the composer performed at nearly 100 concerts in small towns in the states of São Paulo, Minas and Paraná.

Accompanying the group on this trip was Antônio Chechim Filho, a piano technician. His entertaining memoir has been translated by New Mexico-based pianist Fred Sturm. Fred has generously posted this important document (in PDF format) at the Piano Technicians Guild website.

Fred is an accomplished pianist who knows Villa-Lobos well. His album Brazilian Soul: The Piano Music of Villa-Lobos is recommended. Fred has been busy organizing a Villa-Lobos Festival: 4 events in Albuquerque to celebrate Villa-Lobos's 125th birthday.

Here is Fred playing Caixinha de Musica Quebrada, a great little piece that Villa-Lobos wrote during the Excursão:

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