Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Concertgebouw Concert on Dutch Radio 4

One of the most important recent concerts featuring the music of Villa-Lobos took place on October 21, 2011 in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. It includes an amazing Villa-Lobos choral work that has yet to be commercially recorded: Vidapuru, the "mass-oratorio" that Villa wrote in Rio in 1919.  Also included was the rarely performed Noneto, one of Villa's modernist works, and the now fairly popular Choros #10, which many people (including myself) consider his greatest work.

The Brazilian conductor Celso Antunes conducts the Radio Kamer Filharmonie and Groot Omroepkoor. Thanks to the Dutch broadcaster Radio 4, you can listen to this concert online. My Dutch is as poor as my Portuguese, so it took me a bit of time to figure things out, but you can start at this page, and click on "Luister Terug", which will start up the program Zondagochtend Concert from October 23rd in a new window. Vidapuru begins at about 33:00.

Included in the program are two interviews by Thea Derks: a 9 minute interview of soprano Anitra Jellema and a 23 minute interview of Celso Antunes.

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