Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Revisiting Mário de Andrade and Villa-Lobos

A major Villa-Lobos event takes place in Belém beginning today: "Revisitando Mário de Andrade e Villa-Lobos".  Villa-Lobos and the great modernist Andrade had a rather ambiguous relationship over the years, but in 1922, the year of the Semana de Arte Moderna, Andrade was presenting Villa-Lobos as the most important musical proponent of Modernism in Brazil (as he was). Indeed, Villa's music stood alone in the Semana.

The event celebrates the 125th anniversary of Villa-Lobos's birth, the 85th anniversary of Andrade's visit to Belém, and the 90th anniversary of the Semana de Arte Moderna. It includes concerts, films, exhibits and lectures, and runs until mid-June.

The portrait of Andrade above is by another great Brazilan modernist, Anita Malfatti, from about the time of the Semana.

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