Sunday, June 14, 2009

International Guitar Research Archive

The International Guitar Research Archive has a Digital Collection at California State University Northridge's Oviatt Library. There are 243 Villa-Lobos discs in the IGRA discography, most of them from the LP period.

Here's a 1986 Wergo LP by Konrad Ragossnig (which was re-released on CD - here's the discography reference at Ragossnig's website):

I love the look and feel of LPs. The Digital Collection includes high-resolution scans of the back covers, and it took me back to a time when discs had two sides. I don't miss the scratches and pops though.

This collection of LPs is certainly a challenge to my idea of how many Villa-Lobos discs are actually out there. I recently passed 400 discs in my database at The Villa-Lobos Website, most of which are from the CD period, and perhaps only 100 of which are guitar discs. Someday I'll attempt to add these discs to database, and someday I'll attempt to listen to them all. Ebay, here I come!

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