Monday, June 8, 2009

Video from O Entrelinhas on TV Cultura

This video clip from the program O Entrelinhas on TV Cultura includes all sorts of goodies for the Villa-Lobos lover:

Unfortunately, a non-Portuguese-speaking VL lover like myself is in the dark for much of the 8:20 minutes included here. The highlight for me, though, is the little bit with Tom Jobim and Villa's cigar-holder, beginning at 5:25. This is true hero-worship!

Other items of interest:
  • at 0:35, some video clips of Villa-Lobos playing the piano and composing;
  • at 6:00, a clip from Sinfonia da Alvorado (1960), with music by Jobim, poetry by Vinicius de Moraes, and scenes of the construction of Brasilia;
  • at 6:35, a picture of the new Guia Pratico edition published by Funarte and ABM, with some images of Villa's Canto Orpheonico period that I haven't seen before; and
  • finishing off the video, Antonio Meneses playing the cello with the Osesp under the direction of John Neschling, in the 2nd Cello Concerto.

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