Saturday, January 9, 2016

Roger Wagner conducts Villa-Lobos

I was pleased to see this album on Spotify. Wagner's LP of the Nonetto and the Quatuor, featuring the Roger Wagner Chorale and The Concert Arts Ensemble, was released in 1957. The Nonetto is a great modernist work that's still waiting for a modern, easily available recording, but this performance, and the other excellent one from the 1950s, by The Brazilian Festival Orchestra and Schola Cantorum, conducted by Hugh Ross, will certainly do in the meantime. Villa-Lobos gave this big thumb's up to Wagner for his recording:
"Roger Wagner deserves all my admiration for his dedicated work...a notable achievement in technique and sound as well as perfect interpretation."
Both recordings from the 1950s were released on a CD in 2008, which is still available, and very highly recommended.

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