Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Villa-Lobos Symphonies Project

I missed this when it came out: the March-April 2013 issue of Musical Opinion includes an article by conductor Isaac Karabtchevsky about the upcoming Naxos series of Villa-Lobos Symphonies recordings with OSESP. Here is the original plan laid out in the article:

There's been some slippage on the timelines, but it's nice to see some pieces on this list that are overdue for modern, easily accessible recordings. Specifically, I'm excited about Odisséia de uma raça and the Fantasia Concertante for 32 cellos. 

Here's where we are so far in the project:

Symphonies no. 6 & 7

Symphonies no. 3 & 4

Symphony no. 10

Symphony no. 12

What's next? Maestro Karabtchevsky will be performing Symphonies no. 9 & 11 in two OSEP concerts in February, so it's a good bet those two pieces will show up on the next CD. Check it out if you're in Sao Paulo next month!

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  1. Great to see this, how exciting! Im not complaining, but its a shame they didnt choose to record "rarer" pieces. The cello concertos, odisseia, suite chamner n1, dança dos mosquitos and rudepoema have already nice recordings! Saudade da Juventude, Madona, Cançoes da Cordialidade, Dança da terra... There is a lot to be recorded for the firts time! But who am i to tell them what to record, they will have their reasons!

    Im also very excited to see Francette et Pia and the Fantasia Concertante. Good news!